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  • Thursday

    Heartbleed underscores need for data security and password policies

    By Larry Velez, Sinu founder and CTO

    By now, many websites have completed the patches necessary to fix the Heartbleed bug. Last week, a serious flaw in the OpenSSL encryption code was discovered with nearly half a million sites vulnerable to hackers looking for passwords, credit card information, and other personal data.

    As the dust begins to settle, many questions remain about how to best protect our personal and business data from other future online security risks. Here at Sinu, we have always advised our customers to implement password and security policies. Here are a few of our short- and long-term recommendations to help protect your data:

    1) Change all passwords you use across your business solutions as soon as you can.  While this is inconvenient, it is by far the best step you can make to protect your privacy, data, and company from Heartbleed and other vulnerabilities in security.

    2) Get into the habit of changing these passwords at least once a year, ideally four times a year. Many companies and systems will begin requiring regular password changes, so you will want to get in the habit of doing that starting today.

    3) Think about your password generation strategy. There are several options to generate secure passwords:

    • Use a sentence-like password such that uses a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.
    • Consider reducing the number of solutions you use and closing any accounts you have not used in the past year. This can be tedious at first, but can significantly reduce your risk profile.
    4) Enable SSL and/or Two Factor Authentication. Many services have an option to send you a text message in order to log in. This requires someone who might have your password to also have access to your mobile device. This option significantly improves security.

    Sinu has worked with our enterprise technology partners to confirm that any vulnerability to the Heartbeat bug has been patched. Click here to see this report.

    There is no single answer to protecting your data. It is a dynamic process that needs to be integrated into your organizational infrastructure. Here at Sinu, we strive to find a balance between convenience and security to make security and password policies easier to implement. If you have any questions about Heartbleed or need help with making these password and security changes, please contact your Sinu account manager or email our support team.


    Are you a ‘yes, but’ or a ‘yes, and’ company?  

    segment on NPR’s Morning Edition (4/7/14) covered the personalities and philosophy that drives a new tech startup called Re/code. And, in many ways, it challenges even the most established businesses to “think like a start-up.”

    Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg have launched Re/code, what the NPR describes as a “hybrid of a news and a conference organization.” Both formerly of the Wall Street Journal, they co-produced one of the leading conferences focused on the convergence of tech and media industries, D: All Things Digital conference, from 2007 until last year. (You may recall that this was the conference that brought together Steve Jobs and Bill Gates during an interview several years ago.)

    Kara Swisher explains how many ideas got knocked down when she was at the Wall Street Journal and how refreshing it is to work at a start-up where people can act on new ideas. In the interview Swisher explains, “Yes, this is a good idea, AND here’s how it we can do it better. We don’t allow the ‘but’ in there.”

    You can hear it in Swisher’s voice (since it is a radio interview) that she thrives off the energy of a start-up company, where new ideas are valued and a company can redirect on an impulse (for good or ill). Well, they must be doing something right, since their first conference, The Code Conference, scheduled for May 27-29, 2014, in California, has already sold out (with tickets at $6,500 per attendee). There is a wait list, but if you want to experience Re/code first hand, they are coming here to New York City on September 4, where their Code/Media Series kicks off (and that ticket price is relatively low at only $100).


    The Sinu Store is now open for business!

    As part of our commitment to supporting your business by providing seamless technology solutions, Sinu has created a private store for our customers’ technology needs.

    The Sinu Store streamlines the complex process of purchasing technology by offering a select assortment of appropriate IT solutions that we have prescreened to work within your business environment.

    We selected the products that will perform most effectively for your organization. We have already taken the time to make sure they have the right configurations and add-ons so they will integrate effortlessly with the current technology we provide as part of the Sinu platform.

    The Sinu Store has several offerings – from desktops, to laptops and external hard drives. To further simplify the selection process, we clearly display the added benefits and value associated with an increase in cost for an item.  


    Not only have we curated your technology-buying experience, but we have also made it easy for your organization to budget for your new technology. You can purchase many items in the Sinu Store 'as a service’ that you pay monthly as part of your Sinu serviceSinu will replace ‘as a service’ hardware on a lifecycle management schedule, so your hardware never grows old and slow.

    To access the Sinu Store, go to Sinu Support and click the STORE tab on the far right.

    So go shopping! Browse the Sinu Store! If you find something you like, just click-and-go! If you have questions about an item or if you’d like to see anything in the store, contact us.

    We look forward to your feedback as we continue to improve the store’s functionality and offerings.

    This month’s special: Microsoft will stop all Windows XP technical support, including security patches and updates, on April 8, 2014. To help you upgrade your desktop and keep your data safe, we are offering $100 off the cost of a new desktop for any Windows XP machine you retire in April. Contact us for details.