What I love about Sinu is that we can take an idea and turn it into reality overnight.
— John

John Christie

Co-Founder, COO

John runs Sinu’s operations, including team management, IT service delivery, and finance. He joined Sinu in 2004 to execute Larry’s vision for an IT company focused on people and business, rather than hardware and acronyms.

Before Sinu, John was VP of Technology for Hypnotic (‘The Bourne Identity’ and ‘The O.C.’), where he led the creation of award-winning interactive marketing campaigns including ‘Terry Tate, Office Linebacker’ for Reebok and others for Chrysler, Nintendo, and Coca-Cola. Prior to Hypnotic, John spent several years designing and building studio art furniture. John has a B.A. in International Relations from Brown University.

John is passionate about public schools and is serving a second term as a member of his local school board. An avid mountain climber, he likens business to climbing: "strenuous, committing and exhilarating".