Few things empower a growing company as dramatically as technology. Helping our customers achieve their goals with value added technology is our reward.
— Larry

Larry Velez

Founder & CTO

Larry manages the technology side of the business. He founded Sinu to improve the means by which IT support services are delivered to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Previously, Larry built and directed IT teams for several entertainment networks, including Alltrue and Pseudo. In the financial sector, he managed mission critical IT for financial organizations, among them, Bear Stearns and BBV Bank. Larry’s broad IT experience, not only with the fast-pace of technological change combined with personal experience of entrepreneurship, provides Larry with a unique understanding of the needs of business owners.

Larry earned a B.A. in Music Technology from NYU and prepared at The Bronx High School of Science. Larry is married and has two children. He is a business history buff, with great respect and inspired by companies who have existed for decades. He is also obsessed about Classic German Cars and the garages they live in.

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