A Time to Give Thanks, A Time to Reflect...

As the holidays approach, we are all still managing the impact of Sandy, an unprecedented event that produced the largest storm-related power outage in Con Edison history and devastating flooding to areas where many of our customers are located.

Our thoughts go out to those who are still affected by this storm and our thanks to those still working to restore the damaged areas.

Many of you reached out to thank us for keeping your IT services up and running and we wanted to take the time to acknowledge those who helped us weather the storm and reflect on lessons learned.

We are thankful for:

  • Our customers, whose patience and calm throughout allowed us to prioritize emergency issues
  • Our staff, many of whom worked 16 days straight to help manage the approach and aftermath of the storm
  • Our cloud partners, whose data center-solutions provided uninterrupted service, especially communications, throughout
  • Hosted solutions provider Intermedia, who joined with us to offer free email services to nonprofits affected Sandy so we could, in our way, assist those in need

Lessons learned:

  • Although email was available throughout, we encourage customers to follow @sinuinc on twitter, as a backup means of communication if required
  • We will re-double our efforts to work with you on Disaster Recover and Business Continuity Planning
  • We have escalated a Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and security policy tool to facilitate preparedness planning for our customers
  • We will continue to explore and offer lower cost, robust cloud file-share and business-solution hosting

Thank you, and have a peaceful Thanksgiving,

John Christie, COO
Sinu Inc.