Now more than ever...People Matter, Things Don't

By John Christie, Sinu Co-founder and COO

Sinu was founded in 2000 on a simple premise: people matter, things don’t. In other words, technology is just one more tool to help employee productivity and support the goals of your organization and it’s our job to deliver reliable service for your employees.

In 2000, few people could anticipate the coming decade of technological innovations that would permanently change the landscape of how we do business. Businesses were inundated with new hardware and software – each offering a promise of added employee productivity and business profitability.

To make my point, just take a look at the technological changes over the past decade. In 2000, 134.7 million computers were sold globally, and, in the past decade, it has nearly tripled to 341.3 million (2012). Add tablets and mobile phones, and it is anticipated that 2.4 billion units will be sold in 2013 (Gartner report).

A few other highlights…

Sinu believed – and still believes – that our customers should have access to the competitive advantages delivered by proven technologies and best practices usually only accessible to big businesses with big IT budgets.

While Sinu’s platform has always been built on enterprise best practices and network security, as more and more technologies became available and more affordable, we added the services our customers needed to stay competitive only after research and testing proved them reliable. Reliable mobility, file share, data security, and mobile device support are all critical to employee productivity today…and we look forward to what the next decade will bring and what we can offer as part of our services.

At Sinu, some think we are crazy but we are a bit obsessed about offering the most reliable and efficient IT service for superior customer experience and employee productivity. So give us a call if you have a question about new technologies that emerge – we’d love the opportunity to discuss what we are currently testing, share best practices, and how the Sinu platform can be maximized to keep your employees happy and productive.