Evaluating your cloud strategy

A little over a year ago, the Northeast, particularly New York City and New Jersey, was faced with the worst disaster in over a century. Even though some of you, our customers, were without power in your physical locations for three weeks, and we were out of power at the Sinu offices for nearly a week, Sinu’s customers did not lose data and remained connected to their emails and other mission critical services. If you could charge your devices and get online, you could continue to function. It was during this disaster that we all truly understood the value of the cloud.

As your managed service, Sinu was in a fortunate position that the cloud – or SaaS – for the critical applications and infrastructure we provide to our customers was in place well before the disaster. More cloud tools are being developed all the time, and most critical applications, such as CRM and payroll, have an SaaS strategy that was not available a few years ago. We recommend you have a plan to regularly reevaluate cloud solutions and would be happy to discuss whether there is a smooth way for your organization to capitalize on some these opportunities to further reduce the risk of disruption. This will also give you the opportunity to rethink the data and tasks that your organization’s applications should be supporting and where they may fall short.

Remember, the cloud isn’t really about technology, it’s about managing and maximizing your organizational capacity by ensuring productive employees who have access to data and applications how and when they need it.