Think of IT as an extension of your people

With Dell on the verge of becoming a private company, the landscape is changing.

This might indicate we are firmly in a mobile world now, with the desktop taking a backseat to mobile devices and tablets.

What does a small business do now, facing a Windows 8 upgrade, Dell going to the gym to work out for a while, and those sexy Apple products?

I say small businesses should begin looking at their companies’ IT investments as a collection of Business Solutions.

Here are Sinu we document our customer’s needs from a people and Business Solution perspective because we have always believed that the hardware is here to enable the efficiency and creativity of people.

I say keep your fleet of desktops fresh – under 3 years is ideal.  This will keep the transitions less painful. I expect the transitions to begin to take place in 3 or less year cycles. Think iPod model years.

Dell is still a strong company and one of the best at delivering the most bang for the buck on a PC. No need to panic here. Just know that here at Sinu we have relationships with both HP and Lenovo to keep our customers’ options open. Each of these companies has their battles ahead of them, but no matter where they land, Sinu is tracking things closely.

Start thinking of your IT as an extension of your people and assign a desktop/laptop and mobile device to each person so you can understand where your Business Solution investments should land. If you are an Apple iOS heavy company, it might be important to make sure that next solution has a strong iOS app. If you are an Android heavy company, then that lean in the mobile world might be more important.

Bottom line is… focus on your people and your business solutions, as well as the balance between your office and ‘The Cloud’ and your company will be in a good place even if the hardware landscape of the PC world continues to change in unpredictable ways.