Two-Factor Authentication “No Longer Optional”

As a follow up to our previous blog, we wanted to share a very helpful ZDNet article by Ed Botts who provides step-by-step instructions on two-factor authentication for cloud credentials to help protect online data.

Bott argues that two-factor authentication (2FA) is “no longer optional” to mitigate risk for cloud services, and he has provided a series of images that show exactly how to enable two-factor authentication for some of the most popular cloud-based services including Microsoft Exchange, Google Docs, Office 365, Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter.

While it may take an extra step or two to set up two-factor authentication, Bott says “…the assurance that your secrets will remain safe even in the event of a password breach is worth a few seconds of extra verification.”

We could not agree more. It is critical to Sinu’s mission to keep our customers’ data safe, and we are constantly monitoring network security. We regularly advise that with a little effort, Facebook, Google, or other cloud-based accounts, need not be a weak link in security protocol.