Global Leaders Predict the Future of Technology at Wall Street Journal’s First Tech Conference

Wall Street Journal’s WSJ.D Live Conference attracted some of the most recognized global leaders discussing where technology is headed ­– from Apple’s Tim Cook to filmmaker James Cameron and media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Extensive coverage, including videos, of this inaugural technology conference can be found online here. While it takes a bit of a commitment to read through it all, there are several prophetic thoughts and lessons learned from some very well respected thought leaders ­– many outside Silicon Valley. Here are just some of the quotes that resonated with us because they were both honest and transferable to most any organization…

Tim Cook about smartphone market  share: “I don’t think all market share is created equal. Our objective has never been to make the most. We’ve always been about making the best.”

Robert Murdoch about investing in MySpace: “Well, we just messed it up. The buck stops with me. But we didn’t know. It was growing like crazy, and the chief executive of Fox and myself said, ‘Well we don’t know enough. We need to get advice.’ We took bad advice and put in a layer of bureaucracy from our own company that didn’t know any more than we did to study it. And it was completely the wrong way… But we learned from it. You’ve got to learn from these experiences.”

Filmmaker James Cameron about glasses-free technology: “Nobody wants to put the glasses on…they want to multi-task and they want to be able to do different things. So the glasses don’t work because it’s too exclusive. Now the technology has come along that is glasses-free, autostereoscopic, full resolution, looks gorgeous.”

Former Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, about leadership and looking forward: “This is the tech industry. If we’re not people who are going to look to the future of what you can do, what good are we? Our job, as an industry, as the leaders of the companies in our industry, is to look forward.”

These are just a few examples of the dozens of speakers who provided their insights on the future of technology. A few other examples include Jack Ma, executive chairman of Alibaba; Lucian Grainge, chairman and CEO of Universal Music; Chen Lifang, senior vice president of Huawei Technologies; legendary tech investor Peter Thiel; and France’s Digital Minister Axelle LeMaire. Whether you like to follow tech or just prefer that Sinu takes care of all that, you may enjoy thisWSJ special report and find some other interesting points from this conference – whether from the perspective of a consumer or entrepreneur.