Harnessing enterprise wireless to increase productivity

By John Christie, Sinu co-founder and COO

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Use of tablets and smartphones in the workplace continues to gain traction, with nearly half of small businesses reporting tablet use in the workplace according to an EWeek report. The report says that many businesses that are embracing bring your own device (BYOD) policies are experiencing increased productivity and profitability. 

Over the past five years, our customers have followed this trend and we’ve seen wireless demands at small businesses and nonprofit organizations grow from a conference room convenience for guests to a core productivity tool. To meet this demand, Sinu researched and found an excellent option for an enterprise-class managed wireless network for our customers.

This solution is powered by cloud-controlled Cisco Meraki wireless devices. These devices are significantly more robust than the consumer devices often found in small offices, offer very high speeds, excellent seamless coverage, and extensive options in terms of management tools, security, reporting and flexibility. They allow for the configuration of multiple networks with multiple security levels – think corporate network, guest network, tenant network, etc. – a capability often recommended by external auditors. They also allow for detailed reporting on wireless usage.

This solution is provided on a per-device basis, based on the wireless demands of your locations. Like most of Sinu’s IT services, Sinu Managed Wireless is sold as a subscription model, meaning that you would never have to buy wireless access points again in the future. The monthly cost covers the functionality and support of an enterprise-class wireless network, and if they ever need to be replaced, it is included in the monthly subscription.

In many cases, a single, powerful and centrally-located device (at $41/mo) can serve an entire office. Contact us at sales@sinu.com if you would would like to discuss the best option for youbased on the size and configuration of your office.