Sinu: The philosophy behind the service

By David Owen, CSO, Sinu

The team here at Sinu, like most businesses this time of year, met to analyze data from 2013, discuss opportunities to better serve our customers, and form a business strategy for 2014. What surprised us (or maybe it shouldn’t) is that we just kept coming back to our core business model and how we could improve upon it: simplify the way we offer solutions and provide superior customer service.

We often take a look at other businesses that just ‘get it’ in order to inform how we can improve our own model. We know that the ever-increasing technology options for businesses out there can be distracting, if not outright confusing. So Sinu’s mission has always been to develop and curate a platform which allows for the delivery of the kind of enterprise class tools that business need to stay competitive and productive. Yet, businesses have evolving needs and goals, and new technologies continue to emerge. So how to keep it simple? We looked at Acura as an example. When you buy one of their cars, you get a few simple options – performance or technology.

At Sinu, we spend a lot of time and thought finding solutions that will not only fit our customer’s needs today but that have the flexibility and mobility needed to mold to our customer’s needs tomorrow. We then strive to present a couple of easy-to-understand solutions that we are confident get to the core of what is really important in that area of our customer’s business. When reviewing easy-to-understand options, we have a much more informed conversation with our customers about what is really important in that decision because at the end of the day we all know whether that car we are buying needs to perform or be comfortable. We spend our time ruling out the solutions that cannot be flexible enough to meet the core need of our customers now or evolve into their exact needs into the future. Our goal in 2014 is to continue to find ways to simplify the way we offer these solutions so you better understand the benefits of the technology and how it will support your employee productivity and business growth.

We take customer service, first and foremost, and understand that providing functionality goes well beyond technologies and bits and bytes and mega pixels and all of the jargon that comes along with our industry. While technology evolves and we continue to aspire to simplify it for our customers, the person using that technology has always remained the focus. Zappos, not surprisingly, came up during our discussions about customer service. The online retailer has 500 employees who have all received seven weeks of training on how to make customers happy, and the lengths they will go for their customers are legendary. We learned that while we pride ourselves for using real-world speak to explain technology, and can calmly talk someone off the ledge when their computer crashes, there is an opportunity for us to truly get to know our customers at a deeper level for a more seamless customer service experience.

Simplifying the way we offer solutions and humanizing the customer service experience – this is the core of our business model and what we continue to aspire to master. Let us know how we are doing as we work to be the best IT management company, and perhaps even your most favorite vendor!