Updates for Windows XP end soon

If you have a computer running Windows XP, you are not alone, almost 30 percent of the world's desktop computers run on this operating system that was originally introduced in 2001. But, beginning April 8, Microsoft will stop all technical support for the software, which means no updates or security patches. Hiawatha Bray, technical writer for the Boston Globe's Business section, did a great video and articleoffering several solutions. The biggest takeaway...operate on this operating system at your own risk.

 "XP won’t turn to a pumpkin at midnight. Keep using it — if you dare. But when it comes to protecting sensitive data from online thieves, you’ll be on your own," writes Bray. 

He goes on to explain, "Microsoft will continue to update the XP version of its free Security Essentials program until July 2015. Other security software makers will do the same. But antimalware programs generally filter out attacks only after some users have already been victimized. Besides, the security flaw that made the attack possible will still be present. The bad guys will keep attacking it in different ways. Antimalware programs will never keep up. Also, a single compromised computer in a home or office network exposes the other machines to attack. Your XP machine is about to become the weakest link."

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