The Yin and Yang of Business Technology

"Silcon Valley's Youth Problem," in this Sunday's (3/16/14) New York Times Magazine, outlines the tension between the old guard and the new guard in tech companies today.

The article quotes Gayle Laakmann McDowell, the chief executive of the website CareerCup: “The older crowd does a better job of building things that feel substantial... The younger culture runs as fast as they can to build something cool."

However, this tension may be good news for enterprise technology. According to the article,"Despite all the differences in culture, cool and hard-core coding prowess, there are signs that, in some areas at least, the old guard and the new guard might be inching closer together." According to Doug Leone, a venture capitalist at one of Silicon Valley's most prestigious investment firms, "People want the enterprise tools they use at work to look and feel like the web apps they use at home.” The report states that, as an investor, Leone is "especially interested in software-as-service companies that host their products on the cloud and address business applications."

Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed this yin and yang of technology first hand: Great ideas versus stable solutions. We participate in betas to test technologies before we introduce them, and 'bet' on the best, most reliable IT solutions for our customers. Here at Sinu, we will watch closely to see if this gap between the old guard and the new starts closing and what new technologies may help productivity for small business and nonprofits.