The Sinu Store is now open for business!

As part of our commitment to supporting your business by providing seamless technology solutions, Sinu has created a private store for our customers’ technology needs.

The Sinu Store streamlines the complex process of purchasing technology by offering a select assortment of appropriate IT solutions that we have prescreened to work within your business environment.

We selected the products that will perform most effectively for your organization. We have already taken the time to make sure they have the right configurations and add-ons so they will integrate effortlessly with the current technology we provide as part of the Sinu platform.

The Sinu Store has several offerings – from desktops, to laptops and external hard drives. To further simplify the selection process, we clearly display the added benefits and value associated with an increase in cost for an item.  

Not only have we curated your technology-buying experience, but we have also made it easy for your organization to budget for your new technology. You can purchase many items in the Sinu Store 'as a service’ that you pay monthly as part of your Sinu service. Sinu will replace ‘as a service’ hardware on a lifecycle management schedule, so your hardware never grows old and slow.

To access the Sinu Store, go to Sinu Support and click the STORE tab on the far right.

So go shopping! Browse the Sinu Store! If you find something you like, just click-and-go! If you have questions about an item or if you’d like to see anything in the store, contact us.

We look forward to your feedback as we continue to improve the store’s functionality and offerings.

This month’s special: Microsoft will stop all Windows XP technical support, including security patches and updates, on April 8, 2014. To help you upgrade your desktop and keep your data safe, we are offering $100 off the cost of a new desktop for any Windows XP machine you retire in April. Contact us for details.