Are you a ‘yes, but’ or a ‘yes, and’ company?

segment on NPR’s Morning Edition (4/7/14) covered the personalities and philosophy that drives a new tech startup called Re/code. And, in many ways, it challenges even the most established businesses to “think like a start-up.”

Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg have launched Re/code, what the NPR describes as a “hybrid of a news and a conference organization.” Both formerly of the Wall Street Journal, they co-produced one of the leading conferences focused on the convergence of tech and media industries, D: All Things Digital conference, from 2007 until last year. (You may recall that this was the conference that brought together Steve Jobs and Bill Gates during an interview several years ago.)

Kara Swisher explains how many ideas got knocked down when she was at the Wall Street Journal and how refreshing it is to work at a start-up where people can act on new ideas. In the interview Swisher explains, “Yes, this is a good idea, AND here’s how it we can do it better. We don’t allow the ‘but’ in there.”

You can hear it in Swisher’s voice (since it is a radio interview) that she thrives off the energy of a start-up company, where new ideas are valued and a company can redirect on an impulse (for good or ill). Well, they must be doing something right, since their first conference, The Code Conference, scheduled for May 27-29, 2014, in California, has already sold out (with tickets at $6,500 per attendee). There is a wait list, but if you want to experience Re/code first hand, they are coming here to New York City on September 4, where their Code/Media Series kicks off (and that ticket price is relatively low at only $100).