How one small business uses cloud technology

There is a growing number of small businesses using remotely-accessed cloud technologies for most, if not all, of their solutions. As we have mentioned in a previous blog post, cloud technologies can often reduce IT costs and increase productivity. In addition, the cloud can offer solutions that support a remote workforce, which in turn allows a company to hire from a larger pool of qualified employees who don't have to live within commuting distance from a physical office location.

The BBC recently ran a story highlighting one small business and its success using cloud technology – exclusively. Babes With Babies, an online retail company for new mothers and mothers-to-be, is run virtually with no physical office and the staff all work remotely. According to an interview with the company's CEO, Sophie Devonshire, "Business is booming and profitable – the company has enjoyed a sevenfold increase in turnover in the past seven years."

The report addresses several questions about cloud-based companies and how they can work in practice. For instance, the report asks: "Without a traditional, bricks-and-mortar presence, how does a cloud-based company build customer confidence?" According to Ms. Devonshire, "It's all about an unremitting focus on customer service." 

While there is a list of practical technology tools listed that the company uses to stay virtually connected, she also says that there is still a role for face-to-face meetings in a cloud-based business.

So, if you are thinking of migrating more services to the cloud, you may be interested in this BBC story. And, of course, we are always here to discuss what cloud strategies make the most sense for your company.