Achieving a symbiotic relationship between your business and its technology

A recent blog in the Harvard Business Review does an excellent job of echoing our philosophy here at Sinu: business technology should be seamlessly aligned with the long-term goals of an organization and should drive value by supporting employee productivity and company profitability.

“IT Has Finally Cracked the C-Suite,” by Robert Plant, an associate professor of computer information systems at the University of Miami School of Business Administration, writes that there are two schools of thought right now with business executives – those who use technology to drive value and those who still see it as a data center. He goes on to suggest that when CIOs (and, I would add, anybody leading IT efforts in an organization) achieve a symbiotic relationship between business and technology, they free up some of the time they spend on day-to-day IT management so they can focus more on creating and implementing strategies that use technology to drive the company forward.

Plant explains, “Freed from their service role and increasingly appreciated for their business knowledge, technologist executives are finally breaking down the walls that separated technology from the organization’s other functions. This new freedom will allow them to focus more on their role as enterprise architects, creating alignment between the organization’s technological and business processes in accordance with the company’s business model. They will also be able to focus more on providing governance leadership, ensuring, as Gartner Research defines it, the effective and efficient use of information technology in enabling the organization to reach its goals. They’ll no longer be at the periphery, but will be fully integrated into the core strategic work of the firm, the business itself.”

We can be confident that more departments in more businesses will be able to achieve a symbiotic relationship between the business and technology's efficiencies. Companies that embrace a more integrated approach to their technological and business processes will have a competitive advantage over those organizations that are stuck in the “data center” mindset.

For over ten years, Sinu has offered one all-inclusive IT service that includes hardware, software and network management, consulting, unlimited support, and reporting. We believed then, and more so now as technology evolves ever more quickly, that if we free our customers from their “service role” of managing technology then they can spend more time growing their businesses.