New Year’s Tech Resolutions

"Should auld technology be forgot, 

And never brought to mind?"

The New Year is often a time for reflection and for resolutions designed to better ourselves. The same is true for IT! Do a New Year’s “reboot” by adopting five simple tech resolutions for your organization.

1)  Domain Renewals. Use the New Year reminder to review all domains that expire in 2016. Do you plan to retire them or keep them? Doing this task once a year, regardless of what month they expire, helps ensure you don’t lose access to your domains and not paying for ones you no longer need. It’s also helpful to ensure all your domains are sourced through one site to make it easier to keep track. 

2)  Server Warranties. Now is a great time to check for any server warranties that may be expiring in 2016. If you have warranties that are expiring, see if you can extend the warranty. If not, start thinking about a replacement plan, comparing what hardware needs to be replaced and whether the cloud might offer more effective solutions.  

3)  Life Cycle Management.We recommend businesses and organizations plan to retire a quarter of their computers each year and budget accordingly. Start your year off right by doing a technology inventory and listing any technology that should be retired in 2016. Sinu customers can consult their “My Computer Replacement Plan” for a quick report. Learn more about how Sinu can help with hardware replacement cycles and budgeting from our recent blog

4) Password Security. Strong passwords are often the first line of defense against hackers and they should be changed every 3-6 months and not reused. Use the New Year to update and secure your passwords. Remember, a strong password should contain upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, a number and be 8-14 characters long, do not store your password list in the cloud, and use two-factor authentication for services that provide it. 

5) Review Internet Plans. If your business has had the same Internet contract for years, you may be paying too much for too little speed. This is a great time of year to review your plan and Sinu can help! As a part of our all-inclusive service, Sinu customers can send us their Internet Service Provider (ISP) invoices and we’ll see if we can negotiate faster connectivity for less money.

2016 marks Sinu’s sixteenth year in business and we are grateful to be the IT partner of hundreds of small businesses and nonprofits. Thank you and Happy New Year!