More Speed, Less Risk with Wi-Fi from Sinu

by David Owen, CSO

Over the past five years, we’ve see wireless demands at small organizations grow from a conference room convenience for guests to an everyday business need for all employees. The need for faster, more secure wireless is even greater when supporting mobile devices and laptops the office. To meet this demand, Sinu offers an enterprise-class managed wireless network as part of our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) offerings – with no upfront costs and no need to budget for support or replacements.

This solution is powered by cloud-controlled Cisco Meraki wireless devices. These devices are significantly more robust than the consumer devices often found in small offices, offer very high speeds, excellent seamless coverage, and extensive options in terms of management tools, security, reporting and flexibility. They allow for the configuration of multiple networks with multiple security levels to keep your sensitive data safe – think corporate network, guest network, tenant network, etc. – a capability often recommended by external auditors. They also allow for detailed reporting on wireless usage.

This solution is provided by Sinu on a per-device basis, based on the wireless demands of your locations. Like most of Sinu’s services, Sinu Managed Wireless is sold as a subscription model, meaning that you would never have to buy wireless access points again in the future. The monthly cost covers the functionality and complete support of an enterprise-class wireless network. Sinu provides this hardware for you as a service and takes care of the hardware, warranty and service for the life of the device. We also replace it before the warranty expires, so there are no more huge up-front payments, and no more outdated and poorly performing hardware. Remember, this is not a lease, but an “evergreen” service in which your hardware is always refreshed before it becomes old and slow and problematic. 

The number of wireless devices your organization will need depends on the size and configuration of your office. In most instances, we are able to install a single, powerful and centrally-located device to serve an entire office. Monthly cost ranges from $29 for a single room device to $49 for a device that covers a multi-room office space up to 5,000 square feet.  

Join other businesses and nonprofits who have discovered what a faster, more reliable and secure wireless network can do for productivity and morale! Contact us today for more information or go the the Sinu Store at to learn about Cisco Meraki wireless devices and our other HaaS offerings.