Sinu offers 'Tech as a Service'

While Sinu always offers full-time support and management for its customers as part of its monthly subscription service, we have found that some organizations would like to supplement the Sinu Solution with a dedicated on-site technician. Along with its SaaS (Software as a Service), HaaS (Hardware as a Service), and unlimited support, Sinu offers 'Tech as a Service' for those businesses and nonprofits that have more demanding on-site technical needs.

With Sinu's 'Tech as a Service,' your organization can have a dedicated on-site technician as a subscription service. There are several benefits to Sinu's 'Tech as a Service' as compared to hiring an in-house technician:

  1. You can choose your tech for as many days as you need – from one to five days per week; 
  2. The technician is hired by Sinu, so we take care of payroll, insurance, and vacation time; 
  3. Because the technician is a Sinu employee, he/she will experienced with the Sinu Solution you use daily; and 
  4. 4) Your organization will continue to have the full support of the Sinu management and support team.

To learn more about Sinu's 'Tech as a Service, ' contact Sinu CSO, David Owen, at