iOS9: Apple eyes enterprise

To help address stalling iPad sales, Apple appears to have turned its attention toward business applications. 

Enterprise trends towards cloud-based applications and services, mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices have also created a more favorable climate for Apple devices in businesses. In our blog earlier this year, we wrote about the partnership announced last year between Apple and IBM to produce an anticipated 100 business apps for iPhones and iPads by the end of 2015. 

Apple's efforts to capture more of the enterprise market share appear to be part of a long-term strategy: Apple announced several features of the new iOS9 operating system that cater to businesses at their WorldWide Developer Conference for 2015 (WWDC 2015) in San Francisco. According to ZDNet, the iOS 9 updates designed for the iPad – including better multitasking, text management, and split screens – could set the stage for an iPad Pro for enterprise. Experts speculate that Apple is trying to make it easier for businesses to adopt iPads as replacements for laptops in the coming years.

Other announcements from Apple's WWCD 2015 include updates to OS X, Apple Watch, and Apple Pay, as well as a new streaming music service called Apple Music and a live 24/7 radio station called "Beats One Radio."