Blizzard to hit East Coast: How to prepare your tech

Sinu has been monitoring the weather conditions in NYC and DC and have prepared our team to be able to operate during any interruption that may be caused by the ‪#‎blizzard2016‬ along the East Coast. Our phone system and email communication will continue to operate normally due to their redundant cloud hosting. We will also use Twitter for any important messages should there be any power outages - Follow us @SinuInc

While forecasts show that the worst of the storm will occur on the weekend, people may want to prepare to work from home tomorrow and, perhaps, even on Monday. If you are working remotely, here are 10 tips from Forbes on how to work from home during a storm, including charging your devices, setting up your mobile device as a back up wi-fi hotspot should you lose Internet, and backing up your laptop.

Stay safe and know that Sinu is on the job with a full-time help desk to support your employees and help keep your tech up and running – no matter what the weather!