Looking ahead to 2017: Microsoft to end support for Office 2007 and Exchange 2007

   Photo Credit:  Microsoft .


Photo Credit: Microsoft.

As you budget for 2017, note that Microsoft will end support for several of their most prominent products in 2017: The final security updates for Windows Vista  is April 11, 2017 for and Office 2007 ends on October 10, 2017. Support of Office Exchange 2007 servers will also end in 2017. (For a full list of the Microsoft products reaching the end of support in 2017 click here.)

Sinu customers will not be affected by the end of support for Exchange 2007, and Sinu is able to advise our customers still using Office 2007 on other upgrading to another Microsoft operating system, whether it's buying Office as part of replacing old desktops or subscribing to 365 for Office, Microsoft's cloud-based solution.

“Sinu migrated the last of our customers off of hosted Exchange 2007 last year. Customers still using Office 2007 should discuss an upgrade plan with their Relationship Manager. Planning should also begin for upgrades from Office and Exchange 2010, which we recommend should be completed in the next 12 months,” advised John Christie, Sinu co-founder and COO.

 As we have repeatedly written, technology lifespans continue to shrink (see our recent blog, "Budgeting for system updates and technology replacement.") For example, Microsoft's Windows 7 was phased out in 2015 after only 5 years. And, as Ed Bott, technology writer for ZDNet, stated so well: “Microsoft's support clock never stops ticking.”

One of the biggest risks of using obsolete technology is that when the extended support period ends, so do those ‘Patch Tuesday’ security updates.

 According to ZDNet, large enterprise customers who have custom support agreements with Microsoft and who are willing to pay a very steep price for a Premium Support agreement have, in the past, been allowed to receive custom updates after the official end of support. But even that option is undergoing major change. Microsoft confirmed recently that its enterprise customers will not be able to extend support for Office 2007: “The Office 2007 wave of products will be reaching end of support over the next 12 months, as per Microsoft Lifecycle Policy. After those end of support dates, we will no longer offer custom support on any version of Office products (Exchange Server; Office Suites; SharePoint Server; Office Communications Server; Lync Server; Skype for Business Server; Project Server and Visio).”

 Now more than ever, businesses need to develop a technology replacement plan in order to avoid the risks of obsolete or aging technology. As a start, we recommend you plan your company’s operating budget assuming a 3 to 4-year lifespan for most of PCs and servers, and 1 to 2 years for mobile devices. Use the Sinu Store as a guideline of what today’s devices cost and plan to replace 33% of your company’s devices yearly to ensure no device is more than 4 years old. (To access the Sinu Store, go to Sinu Support and click the STORE tab on the far right.) If you plan according to the lifecycle now dictated by today’s technology industry, your business will be healthier, your team more productive, and your budget will have fewer surprises.