Four Clear Signs You Absolutely Need an Office Manager (or another one)

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    Client's storage closet before Vesper, and after their Vesper Manager gave it a makeover. 

Client's storage closet before Vesper, and after their Vesper Manager gave it a makeover. 


By guest contributor, Margaret Tung, co-founder and CEO of

About Vesper: Vesper eliminates the headaches of turnover and bad office management by providing outsourced office management services and expert admin staff to SMBs. Vesper Office Managers assist with everything from procurement, calendar management, and event planning to ad-hoc projects, like office moves, and more. 

At Vesper, we might be biased, but when it comes to looking at what assets are valuable to a well-run company, an office manager comes up pretty high on the list. Office managers are jacks-of-all trades – they help ensure the logistics of the office run smoothly, they’re team cheerleaders and morale boosters -- and they’re also there to jump in and handle a slew of unforeseen responsibilities as they arise.

If you’re running a small company that’s growing – or one that’s just getting off the ground – you may not have experienced the wonders of having an office manager yet. But if you’re looking to get bigger, or make office life easier and more manageable, it might be time to consider bringing in an office manager (or a second one). Check out some telltale signs that your office could benefit from some office management help below; if these sound like what your company is experiencing, it’s probably time to take the leap. 


Four Signs it’s Time to Hire an Office Manager

1.    Your CEO spends too much time handling administrative duties.

Most startups start with just a few people - and rely on those few people - to handle all of the company responsibilities. But as a company starts to grow, it’s more important for its executives to focus on the important stuff: like securing funding, meeting investors, and marketing new products and ideas (etc., etc.). If your head execs are spending time doing administrative things like ordering lunches, planning cocktail hours, and tracking employees’ days off, it’s probably time to hire some help. This will not only ensure that company leaders can focus on growing the company, but also that all logistics stay organized – and nothing slips through the cracks. According to a study of startup hiring done by Plivo, most startups in the Bay Area hire an office manager when they have somewhere between 5 and 20 employees.

2.    Problems in the office linger.

Life in the office can get crazy busy – and sometimes there’s just not enough free time to stop and fix the AC, un-jam the printer, or replace the broken coffee machine. If there are problems with the physical office space that go unfixed for more than a week, it’s time to get someone to help you manage it. One of the most important office manager duties is to maintain the office space, and keeping the office in good shape (especially the office kitchen) is a way to keep team morale high – and productive. (Unhappy employees have been shown to cost the US between $450-$550 billion each year due to lost productivity!)  

3.    Your cash flow is a mess.

Staying on top of cash flow is key for a successful business. However, it can be hard to keep track of how much money is coming in and simultaneously make sure that all wages, bills, etc. are paid on time. Hire an office manager to help set up a payment system for your company; that way, everyone will get paid on time, and you’ll know how much money your company actually has in the bank. 

4.    You’re constantly rescheduling meetings.

Being disorganized in the office has been shown to cost executives $177 billion each year. If you feel like you’re constantly rescheduling meetings because you’ve double-booked people,  haven’t been able to keep your calendar straight or are drowning in clutter– an office management service can help you out. Having someone to help maintain schedules will help make sure that you make all of the important meetings and -- skip the hassle of trying to keep all your appointments straight. 

Do you think you’re ready for an office manager (or a second one to help out)? Or, maybe you just want to learn more about outsourcing office management services? If so, get in touch with Vesper. Our experienced office managers can help you stay on top of all the administrative stuff at work, so you can focus on what really matters.