Which Backup Solution is Right for Your Organization?

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Business continuity planning includes developing policies and procedures your organization can use to mitigate risk and ensure that your operational work can continue should there be disruption to your technology solutions, whether it’s caused by human error, a malicious attack, or natural disaster. An important part of business continuity planning is identifying which operations are essential and to map out what technologies must be set up through backup plans or redundant systems to enable your work to continue. 

The cornerstone to preserving business continuity is to create and deploy data backup protocols for your daily operations. Online file backup is the process of storing the contents of your computer’s hard drive using a cloud backup service. If your hard drive crashes, your computer is stolen or damaged, you accidentally erase important information from your computer, or you otherwise lose access to important files, online backup services give you the ability to quickly restore any lost information. 

Sinu has developed two documents to help you decide which backup solution is right for your organization by providing information about online backup services and what you can expect from two different types of solutions. Sinu selects backup, continuity and disaster recovery solutions based on the same criteria. We look for cloud-first solutions which are built to be future-proof as software advances. We also look for solutions which shrink to be as efficient as a company wants to be and can grow to 500-employee companies. Another important criteria is transparent feedback and efficient control of settings so that data is never at risk because of confusion or ineffective notifications. 

Our engineering team has identified two types of backup solutions we recommend to customers. There are a few key differences between the two, which we review and explain in some detail in our 3-page Backup Solution Worksheet. If you are looking for a quick snapshot comparison, download our one-page overview. Our IT white papers can be found on our website and downloaded for free

Contact Sinu if you have any questions about our recommended backup solutions and to discuss which backup solution that is right for your organization.