Entrepreneur.com: “Seeking out an experienced partner (rather than just a product vendor) can make all the difference”


Technology rollouts can be disruptive and may not always support your goals unless you have a plan in place and a partner that can help implement them correctly, suggests Entrepreneur.com in a recent article.

The article provides several tips outlined below that can help you be proactive about a tech plan that supports your organizational goals.

Tip: Technology should solve a problem

“Don’t confuse ‘cool tech’ with solving a problem,” Entrepreneur.com warns. Businesses should focus on solving a problem rather than becoming dazzled by the technical bells and whistles of the update. The process of planning a major technology deployment “should start with a huge non-tech question: What business problems does your company want to solve?”

Tip: Create a tech roadmap that supports specific business goals

“According to a recent survey from Cisco, many technology deployments suffer from unclear business goals: Even when the IT department delivered a successful technology implementation, those solutions often failed to address key business needs,” the article notes.

Tip: Find an experienced tech partner

“Seeking out an experienced partner (rather than just a product vendor) can make all the difference,” Entrepreneur.com urges. “Rather than pushing products and services on you, a good partner will understand the entire universe of solutions for your needs, work with you on identifying opportunities to save and help tailor a deployment for your business needs.”

Tip: Be proactive about your technology

Entrepreneur.com warns that companies can fall behind with a “wait and see” approach to technology deployments.

“Explore innovative business models to improve your business results, while minimizing the risk of high up-front investments,” the article urges.

“Otherwise, that leisurely ‘wait and see’ approach turns into a mad scramble to implement the latest and greatest technology.”

Entrepreneur.com concludes, “Once you’ve settled on the right solution and project road map, you’ll be able to execute that deployment clearly and smoothly and with ample guidance. You’ll be able to tailor the deployment to your own timeline, and you’ll be addressing your own organizational needs.”

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