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Time is almost up: Microsoft urges Windows 7 users to migrate to Windows 10

Time is running out for Windows 7 users, and nonprofits and small businesses are being urged to switch to Windows 10 and its host of support services. After 14 January 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for computers running Windows 7. Continue reading for additional support for making the transition.

Well-meaning employees may be top threat to data security

Employees accessing company data with a multitude of devices present the largest security threat for organizations today, according to a new report from BetterCloud, an independent software vendor based in New York, NY. So how can your organization mitigate the risk from well-meaning employees? Here are a few of the most crucial steps you can take today to protect your data.

How to Safely Recycle Your Old Technology

Whether your city regulates e-waste or not, there are several reasons your organization should recycle your technology. Sensitive data, whether on a laptop, server or smartphone, needs to be completely erased before you resell or recycle your technology. Having a plan for recycling your technology that includes properly disposing of electronics is not only better for the environment, but it can also mitigate the risk of having sensitive data fall into the wrong hands.

3 Reasons to Recycle Your Technology

With today’s hardware replacement cycle growing shorter and shorter each year, many organizations find themselves with a closet full of old solutions. You don’t want to just throw them out or donate them, as they may contain sensitive data and, if they end up in a land fill, they can release dangerous substances such as lead and mercury into the soil and water supplies.

Internet Speed: Are you getting what you are paying for?

Internet Speed: Are you getting what you are paying for?

With Internet costs rising and broadband speed increasingly important for day-to-day business operations, more people – including the government – are questioning whether consumers are receiving the broadband speeds they are paying for. Sinu can do something to help you negotiate faster Internet speeds now. If your business has had the same Internet contract for years, you may be paying too much for too little speed.

New Year’s Tech Resolutions

The New Year is often a time for reflection and for resolutions designed to better ourselves. The same is true for IT! Do a New Year’s “reboot” by adopting five simple tech resolutions for your organization.

What to do with e-waste

What to do with e-waste

Many people upgrade their electronics this time of year, whether it's a holiday gift or you're taking advantage of some holiday deals or making year-end investments in the company. With all the new products, the question is what to do with all this e-waste.

How to select a web developer

Many Sinu customers have asked us about web development. There are a number of good platform options out there (see Sinu blog for more info on website builder solutions), so I would evaluate which platform is right for you based on hosting costs, functionality, and pre-designed templates. Once you have decided on a platform, look for a developer from that ecosystem.

The future of enterprise: Apple, GE look to consumer tech

When asked about the future of enterprise technology, the chief executives from two of America's largest companies agree that it is personalization.

Don’t forget to back up your laptop!

Businesses are finding that people are working from home, on the road, and even on your vacation. Allowing employees the freedom to access data and catch up on work from a mobile device often makes sense when you look at the data, such as a Forrester Research survey which reports that 75% of companies indicate workplace mobility leads to increased productivity. Forrester even coined a name for this emerging class of worker – the “anytime, anywhere employee.”

The Need for Speed

For example, if a website is does not load almost immediately, you’ve lost that visitor. Email is often bypassed for a text or another app that loads faster and connects them faster. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, the length of the most popular You Tube videos was 2 minutes and 1 second, and if a video doesn’t load fast enough, they are off to the next thing…maybe even opting for using another screen simultaneously.

More Speed, Less Risk with Wi-Fi from Sinu

The need for faster, more secure wireless is even greater when supporting mobile devices and laptops the office. To meet this demand, Sinu offers an enterprise-class managed wireless network as part of our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) offerings – with no upfront costs and no need to budget for support or replacements.

Sinu Now Provides Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS)

Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) is growing in popularity as businesses rethink their IT investments. Many small businesses and nonprofits have found that they no longer want or need to make large investments in technology hardware that must be replaced on a faster and faster schedule. Sinu now offers Hardware-as-a-Service as an alternate solution for its customers.