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How to select a web developer

Many Sinu customers have asked us about web development. There are a number of good platform options out there (see Sinu blog for more info on website builder solutions), so I would evaluate which platform is right for you based on hosting costs, functionality, and pre-designed templates. Once you have decided on a platform, look for a developer from that ecosystem.

Tips on selecting the right website builder (and avoiding costly custom coding)

While we are not web developers, Sinu strives to be a source of info for all things tech for our customers, and many ask our advice about website development and design. Since we started our business over 10 years ago, we have always recommended using custom website builder services.

Understanding the Risks of Local Administrative Rights

There are a number of reasons employees may ask for local administrative rights, or the ability to download software on their workstations, with convenience and expediency topping the list. However, business owners may not be fully aware of the risk: the more people and time spent working on desktops with local administrative rights, the greater the chance that malicious software exploits a weakness. 

Attn Mr. CEO: Your IT Partner Is Your New Best Friend

For smaller businesses and nonprofits, every penny counts. We’re sure you’ve noticed that, too. That’s why many small businesses and nonprofits have responded to the need to do more with less by outsourcing whatever they could – including their IT department. Managed IT solutions, like Sinu’s Technology Management services, are the new way of ensuring maximum uptime at a minimum spend.

Protecting yourself from the risks of obsolete technology

According to a recent New York Times report, on April 28, Microsoft issued a warning about a security hole that affects various versions of Internet Explorer. The flaw allows attackers to steal data from computers after they persuade people to visit websites with malicious code. According to the report: “The company [Microsoft] said it was aware of ‘limited, targeted attacks’ that tried to exploit the flaw, though it did not provide more details about them.”

When is your hardware ‘good enough’? Creating a hardware replacement plan to support productivity.

The consumer space gets tons of research because it tends to be a global and large business space. This article from Tech.Pinions (3/22/13) explores what happens when everyone already has a smartphone. It outlines the changes in ways new products are introduced in mature consumer markets – when you are no longer selling to people who don’t have that product but instead to people who are upgrading their previous version of that product