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Looking ahead to 2017: Microsoft to end support for Office 2007 and Exchange 2007

As you budget for 2017, note that Microsoft will end support for several of their most prominent products in 2017: The final security updates for Windows Vista  is April 11, 2017 for and Office 2007 ends on October 10, 2017. Support of Office Exchange 2007 servers will also end in 2017.

What to do about emails when an employee leaves

What to do about emails when an employee leaves

Departing employees often leave behind vast amounts of information in their email correspondences, so archiving the data is recommended. For continuity, an organization may wish to take some action to deal with emails which continue to arrive at that address after they have left, either with an auto-responder message indicating that the employee has left and who to contact, or by forwarding the emails to another address.  

Support ends for Internet Explorer leaving millions at risk

Despite an announcement in 2014 informing users that they would no longer offer support or security upgrades for Internet Explorer (IE) 8, 9, and 10, it is estimated that 340 million users will be using outdated versions of Internet Explorer if they do not upgrade or switch browsers by January 12.

The Need for Speed

For example, if a website is does not load almost immediately, you’ve lost that visitor. Email is often bypassed for a text or another app that loads faster and connects them faster. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, the length of the most popular You Tube videos was 2 minutes and 1 second, and if a video doesn’t load fast enough, they are off to the next thing…maybe even opting for using another screen simultaneously.

Marketing: Building relationships, loyalty with your customers

Successful marketing campaigns must be grounded by the realization that companies are not only selling a product or service, they are also selling themselves. A big part of convincing consumers to purchase your product or service involves presenting yourself as someone they want to buy that product or service from. Some ways to do that include:

More tech, less stress.

How would it look to our clients and employees? Would it seem like we don’t care about their messages? The pressure is on when so many of our colleagues continue to show how dedicated they are by answering emails during their time off.  So really, we never really ‘turn off’ and our stress levels continue climb.

What we can all learn from the roll-out

What we can all learn from the roll-out
In a recent NPR interview, Wired magazine’s Steven Levy discussed his report on the initial launch of and the IT team that is working to re-vamp the site. Or, as the NPR host, David Greene says, “re-re-vamp,” since they are fixing their fix to the original rollout. The path to the next rendition of the website – 2.0 – and the IT lessons learned from the original rollout, are not that far off from what we see with many small businesses.

No more World’s Fairs: What Microsoft learned from Apple

It is a fascinating dynamic landscape in both software and technology hardware companies right now. Because these companies are now making a lot of their money from consumers (Apple, Google, Samsung, Dropbox, et al.), they no longer cave to enterprise demands for long public roadmaps. Over the past few years, we have seen Microsoft follow suit by changing the way they sell their products.

News to go... This new app has my attention.

I prefer listening to news articles and found a new app called Umano – it lets me keep my eye on the road and my hands free to shift through the gears. With Umano, I can start playing articles on a particular channel and not have to touch my phone again until I am at my destination. Very useful. While at my daughter’s gymnastics class, I can watch how well the latest flip is progressing instead of having to stare down at my Kindle.