New iCloud app allows Apple, Microsoft customers to share files

Apple and Microsoft are embracing a message that we learned in kindergarten: It’s good to share. A new iCloud for Windows app, which rolled out on June 11, allows customers of both tech giants to access files and share photos, videos, mail and other information.

With hack threat deadline looming, Apple users should secure their data today

Recent hack threats on iCloud have caused concern about the security of the data of over 782 million iCloud users. According to several media sources, hackers are demanding Apple pay a ransom in bitcoin or they'll expose millions of iCloud account credentials and could potentially remotely erase customer iPhones, iPads, or Macs, causing a catastrophic loss of personal data. With so many people using their Apple devices in the workplace, this could result in huge losses of business data and productivity.

Trying to compete in enterprise market, Apple to bring iWork to the cloud

Apple announced they were taking iWork to the iCloud to attempt to compete with Microsoft 365 and Google Docs for office product market share.