Why Bash's Shellshock bug is getting so much attention

Customers using the Sinu service should rest assured that all steps have been taken to protect the Sinu infrastructure from Shellshock. We have reviewed all of our customers'  devices we are aware of for vulnerabilities and performed updates where needed. However, we wanted to provide some information about this bug and why it is getting so much attention.

Beware of cyber scam using bogus ‘tech support’ calls

Over the past few months, several Sinu customers have encountered a cyber scam in which someone calls and claims to be with Windows or Microsoft tech support. They tell you they have detected a virus or a malfunction in your computer and ask you to log into a legitimate-looking website. The cybercriminal posing as “tech support” will then log into your computer, gaining access to personal data while planting a real virus or malware in your computer.  Ultimately, they will ask their victims for some amount of money to release control of the computer.