Cloud Backup Services

As part of its all-inclusive service, Sinu offers a number of cloud-based services, including backup, to provide our customers the tools to achieve their goals and compete with larger companies. We work with our customers to evaluate the best cloud backup solutions for their needs.

A comprehensive cloud backup strategy is necessary to protect proprietary data and support business continuity in the case of disasters. It’s precisely why we build in cost-effective, automatic backup services into our package structure.

So what exactly is cloud – or online – computer backup service?  Why is it important? We’ve outlined a few of the most frequent questions we get about this service below:

What is online file backup?

Online file backup is the process of storing the contents of your computer's hard drive, such as your important documents and media files, through the Internet using a third party online cloud file backup service.

Why do I need an online data backup service?

Online data backup solutions provide a simple, secure and economical way to protect all the files on your computer's hard drive. If your hard drive crashes, your computer is stolen, you accidentally erase important information from your computer or you otherwise lose access to important files, online computer backup services give you the ability to quickly restore any lost information.

Is cloud file backup secure?

Yes. Online cloud backup services utilize the same security measures that financial institutions use to protect sensitive data. This means that the data you store with an online backup service is as secure as your bank account or credit card account information.

How do cloud backup services work?

Cloud backup file services allow you to download a small computer program on your laptop or desktop computer. This application will allow you to select which files you would like to backup and set-up automated scheduled backups of your files. With Sinu, we take care of all the logistics for you and your employees.

Our goal is to make data security and backup seamless for your employees. At Sinu, we effectively protect your organization against data loss from human error or disaster with automatic, regular cloud computer backup services. Some of the backup and business continuity services Sinu offers are listed below.

Data Backup

• Automated remote backup of data available, including SAS 70 Compliance

• Data restore capability

• Remote backup licensing

• Real-time reporting of backup status via Sinu IT Reports

• Workstation and laptop backup can be provided as a premium service


As your IT department, we are here to help you assess your technology and determine whether there is a smooth way for you to capitalize on these tools to reduce the risk of data loss and possible disruption. Contact us to learn more about our cloud backup solutions.