Creative Professionals Experience: Office Relocation

One of our customers, an architecture firm in New York City, recently relocated its offices and asked Sinu to manage the technical aspects of the move.

While this was the first time our customer had moved its office, using Sinu, with its extensive experience with moves and expansions, ensured all bases were covered.

In addition to planning and managing the relocation, we conducted a hardware inventory, packed up their hardware, and set up and tested all the workstations, printers, and network. 

As part of planning for the move, we started with an evaluation of the new space and recommended the appropriate infrastructure covering the following aspects of their IT:

  • Connectivity – Provided quotes and configured connectivity sequence
  • Cabling Infrastructure – Confirmed appropriate cabling layout for floor plan and ordered additional cabling as needed
  • Network Infrastructure –
    • Created a network diagram and determined new hardware requirements including firewall and switches
    • Developed specs for an appropriate rack and location for the gear
    • Worked with cabling vendor to install cables, patch panels, server and network racks
  • Power – Verified that there was adequate power to the server rack and desktops, and created a battery backup plan

We find that relocations and office expansions provide an excellent opportunity to not only review with customers their current technology, but also discuss their goals, how the technology is working for their organization, and provide recommendations for more robust, efficient solutions.

In this case, we knew the email server was aging and needed to be replaced, so they authorized us to migrate their email to the cloud saving them the cost of the new server while allowing employees to more easily access their email remotely and ensuring the firm was using a more modern, secure email technology. Based on their emerging needs as a growing architecture firm, we added more robust cloud-based file sharing and collaboration solutions to increase efficiencies between design teams.

We also recommended updating some aging network technology. We offered, and they chose, to add a new server as part of Sinu’s Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) plan. This service allowed our customer to avoid making a large investment in technology that would eventually be outdated and need to be replaced. Instead, they plan they pay one low monthly fee for the use of their hardware and let us handle the warranty, service, and replacement of the technology. 

During the process of the relocation, we discovered that some items had been overlooked by the general contractor. While our customer assumed they would be taking care of the structured wiring, when we reviewed the project, we realized that wiring was not part of the general contracting scope. We took on that aspect of the project to ensure that the relocation went according to schedule and the office would be up and running smoothly when they moved in the new offices.

The result for our customer: Fewer headaches, less downtime, and more robust technology solutions without a large outlay of money.