Data Management & Security

Smart leaders are taking advantage of data to build constituent-engagement strategies into every level of their organization. With the right tools, they can leverage technology to anticipate customer needs and deliver a consistently outstanding experience at every point of contact.

In its simplest terms, data management requires that you know where your sensitive data is and how securely it is stored. In order for that data to be useful, it is important to analyze what your organizational needs for data and design systems that automatically manage critical data while sifting out extraneous information with little or no utility. That’s why Sinu includes on-demand Business Intelligence reports, including replacement cycle and vendor reports, as part of its all-inclusive service. We also provide CTO-level consulting to work with you to understand your data collection points and advise on data management tools.

Below we have outlined some ways Sinu can help manage data and risk:

      Securely back up and store data

      Manage your solutions and keep them up-to-date

      Help you develop a backup strategy to help determine who has access to data and how far back to retain your data to meet industry standards

      Install and manage the latest malware and antivirus software

      Help develop an IT policy that includes data security and password protocols

At Sinu, we are committed to providing all-in-one services for our customers built with proven technology with your data security as a top priority. We also provide on-demand data and reporting to help inform your mission-critical decisions. If you have questions about data management and security, contact us.