The Sinu Business Ideology

We Believe...People matter, objects don't.
Here is some of the thinking that drives The Sinu Solution.

Incentives are Everything

Time and materials IT consultants do not make money unless you have problems. They have no real business incentive to be proactive about solving your issues.

SINU SOLUTION: Because we provide unlimited support for a fixed price, we are rewarded for our success in providing a trouble-free platform, not for failure.

Data is Precious, Hardware is Disposable

Most small business IT consulting companies recommend sinking more and more money into hardware in the hopes that a better machine will be less likely to fail.

SINU SOLUTION: We plan for hardware failure by protecting your data with automated, monitored backups and offsite redundancy. This approach reduces costs and protects what really matters, your data.

Small Businesses Shouldn't Run Servers

Servers are expensive, high risk and high maintenance—and you probably don't need any. We'll show you how to reduce infrastructure and save money.

SINU SOLUTION: Our NYC IT consultant service includes a file server appliance so you can retire your servers and we can automate the management of services like backup and disaster recovery.

Technology is a Means to an End

Too many technologists can't resist experimenting with the latest thing, but your business is not an experiment.

SINU SOLUTION: Sinu's goal is to improve the effectiveness, productivity and profitability of your organization. Usually, this means we choose the most reliable IT solution, not the latest fad.

Infrastructure is Risk

Too many business IT solutions in NYC include the purchase of expensive, and rapidly depreciating, hardware and software. Ownership of these solutions puts the risk squarely on your shoulders.

SINU SOLUTION: Because our business IT solutions do not require the purchase of any hardware or software, we remove that risk, and all the associated headaches, and manage it for you.

IT Budgets Should be Predictable

Most small business IT consulting companies cannot provide predictable IT costs because they are not in the business of controlling costs, and make most of their money recovering from failure.

SINU SOLUTION: Sinu provides the best fixed-price, unlimited business IT solutions NYC has to offer so you'll always know what you will spend on IT.

Here at Sinu we believe our mission should be aligned with the goals of your organization. We have built an all-inclusive fee structure that provides an incentive for us to be proactive with your IT management and anticipate problems before they occur. When IT companies get paid to fix problems, where is the incentive for them to prevent them? Unlike traditional technology support companies, Sinu is rewarded for success, not failure.

Sinu provides affordable IT solutions in NYC to improve IT functionality and data security by escaping the cycle of redundant custom solutions traditionally developed for small businesses and nonprofits. We believe that our customers should have access to the competitive advantages delivered by proven, enterprise grade technologies, best practices, and superior IT support usually only accessible to big businesses with big IT budgets. Our IT consulting services for small business include appropriate technology with an emphasis on reliability. We implement solutions to protect your data, which is valuable, instead of your hardware, which is not. And we minimize infrastructure to decrease costs and risk.

We believe…people matter, things don’t. In other words, technology is just one more tool to help employee productivity and support the goals of your organization and it’s our mission to deliver reliable IT services and small business IT consulting while delivering superior customer support. That's what the Sinu Solution is all about, and one of the many ways our IT solutions company helps to take care of you and your employees.