All-Inclusive IT Management Solutions

Whether 'IT' is an official part of your job title or not, our all-inclusive model providing IT infrastructure support solutions and unlimited tech support will streamline your technology department and save you money.  Sinu is one of the best managed IT service companies on the East Coast, providing all-inclusive IT consulting in New York City, Washington, DC, and along the entire Eastern Seaboard.

  • Sinu can serve as a complete IT department eliminating the investment in staff, training and much of your technology infrastructure.

  • If you have an IT department, but find that they are spending more time on day-to-day support and maintenance rather than mission critical thinking, then Sinu can supplement your current IT department to increase your department's capacity and productivity.

  • You may be considering adding IT management or small business IT consulting in NYC to guide your organization through the ever-increasing complexities of technology solutions in the marketplace. Sinu provides effective IT solutions, support, and CTO-level consultation to help you select the right technologies to support your organizational goals.

Our all-inclusive solution

IT for Nonprofits

IT for Creatives

IT for IT People

IT for Professionals

Sinu wraps all of the essential technology services in an affordable all-inclusive IT support service called the Sinu Solution. Our managed services company includes CTO-level consulting as part of the service in order to help you select the right technologies to support your organizational goals.

Our IT management service can serve as an outsourced technology “department” for small business and nonprofits, or can add capacity to your current IT department by providing day-to-day IT support solutions for your employees and infrastructure.

We choose technology that’s appropriate for small business and nonprofits, with an emphasis on reliability. We implement IT solutions for small businesses and technology management for nonprofits to protect your data, which is valuable, instead of your hardware, which is not. And we minimize IT infrastructure, because a room full of servers is a cost center that’s no longer a competitive advantage.

We are different from traditional managed IT service companies because we provide your IT infrastructure for an affordable flat fee with unlimited support. We work to keep your technology up and running, anticipate problems before they occur, and minimize downtime.