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Thank you for contacting us!  Someone from our sales team will contact you shortly to discuss your IT needs. In the meantime, we welcome you to learn more about how we helped one of our nonprofit customers migrate an aging in-house CRM and communications system to a cloud-based hosted solution. Read the case study below.

Nonprofit Experience: Migrating Aging CRM

About one-third of Sinu’s client base is nonprofit customers. As a result, Sinu has a deep knowledge of the technology challenges faced by nonprofits, as well as a large number of the productivity applications utilized in the nonprofit sector.

Recently, Sinu helped a nonprofit customer migrate an aging in-house CRM and communications system to a cloud-based hosted solution, and updated an in-house domain and authentication network.

After a deep analysis of the network, a query of the needs of the end users, and a healthy understanding of the organizational goals, Sinu produced and executed on a strategic plan. The successful migrations delivered on the following:

  • Modernized the organization’s most important systems, including functions associated with communications, data backup and security
  • Made the organization’s most important productivity tools much more highly available
  • Significantly reduced the organization’s overall risk
  • Minimized the organization’s capital expenditure on hardware and software
  • Eliminated the organization’s exposure to traditional Time & Materials variable pricing
  • Reduced the organization’s network infrastructure by approximately 50%

This project was in alignment with Sinu’s feeling that, whenever it can be executed responsibly, nonprofits should consider hosted and/or SaaS solutions for their mission-critical applications.

For more information about migrating to the cloud, please see our brief: What to Consider When Migrating to the Cloud: A Guide for Nonprofits.