Sinu IT Referral Program Details

Pay IT Forward! Whether you’re a valued client of Sinu, a partner, or employee, we invite you to participate in our new managed services IT referral program. Let us know about a company that could improve its business performance by using Sinu and we’ll make sure to Pay IT Forward…to you, your business, or a charity of your choice.

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Here’s how the Sinu IT referral program works.

  • Provide us with a name of a friend or colleague and have lunch on us! Well, actually, we’ll send you a $25 Visa gift card, so maybe it’s coffee for the office, or a drink after work. It’s a small ‘thank you’ from us, however you use it. 
  • If your referred company signs on with Sinu, they receive 25% off the first month's subscription and we will reward you with up to $2,500, depending on the size of the company. (See below for reward amounts.) 
  • You select the method of payment – a check to you, a credit on your Sinu bill (for existing clients), or a donation to a charity of your choice.

If your referral becomes a Sinu client, you’ll earn cash rewards. Everyone wins! That’s what we mean by Paying IT Forward.

It’s easy to Pay IT Forward!

Tell us about your managed services IT referral:

  • Submit your referral online at and we’ll contact your referral directly.
  • Provide the referral information to your Sinu Account Team and they will process the referral on your behalf.

Who should you introduce to Sinu?

Referrals should be made to Sinu if you know a company that would benefit from outsourcing their business technology. You should know the contact you are referring personally.

Stay updated on the status of your referrals.

Email to get a status update on your referral.

Call 877.692.7468 to learn more about our managed services IT referral program.

Terms & Conditions

You don’t need to be a Sinu customer to be eligible to participate in the Sinu referral program. In fact, Sinu appreciates it very much when its employees, friends, and associates refer new business.

Participants agree to abide by these rules and by the decisions of Sinu which are final, binding and non-appealable, on all matters. Sinu reserves the right to disqualify any participant that it determines, in its sole discretion, is ineligible to participate in the program. For example, Sinu company principals are ineligible. Sinu has complete discretion as to whom it will do business with and on what terms including, without limitation, whether to accept a referral as a customer. Sinu is not responsible for lost, misdirected or delayed referrals.

Recipients of referral rewards are responsible for following their own company policies regarding rewards any payments from Sinu. Recipients of referral rewards are responsible for all tax liabilities, if any, on their rewards. Upon Sinu’s determination that you should receive a cash referral bonus, Sinu will contact you to request a completed IRS Form W-9. Your W-9 must be submitted and received by Sinu, or your referral bonus will be held. As an alternative, you may choose to donate your referral reward to an eligible charity of your choice or you may choose to have your referral reward applied as a credit to your company's Sinu invoice (if your company is a current Sinu client). Sinu reserves the right to rescind or donate your referral reward to any charity of its choosing if no response is received within 180 days from when Sinu contacted you for your W-9 and referral payment preference. Referral payments to Sinu company employees will be subject to tax withholding requirements, so no W-9 will be required.

These terms and conditions of the Sinu IT referral program are independent of any other relationship between you and Sinu. Each party will indemnify the other party for any third party claims related to the Sinu IT referral program. You and Sinu will make good faith efforts to negotiate and mediate any claim, dispute or controversy arising out of the Sinu IT referral program and, if not resolved, agree that it will be submitted to binding arbitration in accordance with the rules and processes of either the American Arbitration Association or Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, Inc.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Sinu reserves the right to change or cancel the program at any time, at its sole discretion. If no jurisdiction of law is otherwise applicable, New York law will govern this referral program.